Our hotel bar isn’t just a bar. It’s the place where travellers and locals come together to enjoy a drink. The person on the barstool next to you could literally be from anywhere – one of the vast Kalahari farms next door or the furthest corner of the globe. And our bar isn’t just all about the drinks – you can also enjoy a meal from our restaurant menu served to you at your barstool.


Enjoy one of the best cocktails in the Kalahari… our signature N’abbas cocktail. N’abbas are rare Kalahari desert truffles. And our cocktail is made with the superb Cruxland Gin, which is infused with their exotic taste (along with nine signature botanicals) and mixed to crisp perfection with tonic.


There are shot glasses. And then there is our Jägermeister shot glass! If you’re feeling adventurous… try the bold flavours of the distinctive German liqueur, Jägermeister, drunk from our unique shot glass – a springbok horn.