Things to do

Visits to the infamous “Meerkat” project

Our town is home to the stars of the international BBC film series “Meerkat Manor” and our Hotel has the sole visiting rights to the burrows of these stars where tourists can walk freely among the “meerkat celebrities” in their natural habitat.

Game drives and bird watching

Tourists will be pleasantly surprised by the unique vegetation that exists in this “believed to be” dry desert which blossoms into a green and lush veld during the rain season. Apart from visiting neighboring game farms where exquisite sables, roam antelopes, black rhino, Eland, springbok and the gracious gemsbok can be spotted. Vanzylsrus is also home to hundreds of exotic and indigenous bird species.

See the Kori Bustard (Gompou), “the heaviest flying bird on the planet” in its natural habitat as well as one of the noisiest birds on our planet, the korhaan. The yellow and red beek hornbills (also called the kok-kok) will be your beautiful morning alarm at sunrise.


Ancient Molopo visits

Enjoy a traditional picnic or braai in the dry river beds of this amazing ancient historic symbol of the Kalahari of which many a song has been written.

Hiking trails

Knowledgeable nature lovers have designed hiking trails where one can appreciate the splendor of the indigenous Kalahari vegetation – trees, shrubs, bulbs and cacti can all be easily identified – learn more about the ways in which Bushmen have used the vegetation for traditional healing and other exciting uses.


Africa is world renowned for its enchanting evening skies, especially the Kalahari with its vast open planes and unpolluted air.
The wonders of the heavenly bodies have never been so touchable and breathtaking than in the Kalahari. The ideal location for professional and amateur stargazers.